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Brett McFall - 3 Step Secret

"How I create online
 that can
generate up to
$18,611 per year."


Brett McFall's 3 step secret
3 step secret Brett McFall
Brett McFall 3 step secret



"There's a massive change coming that could devastate your cash flow, and if you don't prepare for it, you'll be a victim. Let me share with you what I'm doing so you can face the challenge head-on."

brett mcfall 3 step secret

9.45am - Hi! I'm Brett McFall, from Broadbeach here in the Gold Coast.

"That's me above running my online businesses from my phone (taken in Santa Barbara, USA).

Because of the 3-step system I use, I can sell into any market in the world... operate 24-hours a day... and create as many of these micro-niche businesses as I want within just 30-days." 

What does this have to do with you? Well, for a limited time, I'm prepared to show small groups of everyday Australians how I do what I do.

Why would I do this? LET ME EXPLAIN VERY SIMPLY...

Independent reports from around the world suggest that there's a massive economic change that is about to hit the Australian market - and therefore you and your family.

What will it mean? In very simple terms, it will mean this:

  • Massive loss of Aussie jobs over the next 10-15 years (around 50% of service-related jobs) - particularly 'baby boomers'
  • Increased taxes on all income levels to help pay for our spiralling debt (right now we have over $460,000,000,000 in Government debt- that's four hundred and sixty billion dollars)
  • Reduction of your super (through extra taxes and share market losses)
  • Complete disruption of the job market (up to 50% of jobs will no longer exist because of the rise of Artificial Intelligence -which will be faster than the human brain by 2020)
  • 4 out of 5 Australians will need to work past the age of 75 just to survive because their superannuation and pension will NOT support them
  • Getting a new job will be much harder, if not impossible
Brett McFall - 3 Step Secret

If you've seen my controversial "Future Shock" presentation - then you'll understand the detail behind what you've just read above.

Basically, there are 3 dangerous trends that will affect you over the coming 10-15 years:

1) Debt and 'Baby Boomers' are strangling our economy

2) Sources of employment are drying up

3) The majority of superannuation totals are too low

And on top of this, taxes will also increase as our Government finds it harder and harder to pay down Australia's spiralling debt (which equates to almost $20,000 per Aussie citizen of Government debt ).

Brett McFall - 3 Step Secret

So the question must be:
"What can you do about it?"
And in my opinion the answer is:

You just need to know how.

For a small group of everyday Australians who want to have a better plan for their future, I'm prepared to show you my own personal plan of what I'm doing to get ready for this massive change in our economy.

I call this training: 3 Step Secret

That's because I follow only 3 simple steps that virtually no-one else does.

But in order for me to agree to teach you, you need to be motivated and open to learning, otherwise I can't help you (these days I only preach to the 'converted' okay?).


Brett McFall - 3 Step Secret

I build micro-niche online businesses on subjects like the ones above, in as little as 30-days.

These businesses sell ebooks - that I have created from scratch - to tiny little niches of people (literally markets that have only 1,000 to 5,000 people in them per month) who are searching for specific answers to their problems.

You might think, "Um... Why?"

Because no-one else is servicing these markets.

These little businesses that I start can make up to $18,611 per year on virtual auto-pilot.

At last count, my team and I have created over 180 of these businesses, with tens of thousands of micro-niches still available to be targetted.

Now, while I cannot and do NOT promise that you could make this kind of money, I am prepared to show you exactly how I do it.

"Quietly over the past year, I've been showing motivated people how I do what I do."

Brett McFall - 3 Step Secret

I spend a whole day teaching my rather simple 3-step process.

I allow students to ask any question they want.

I do LIVE demonstrations of every part of the process.

And I make sure that everything is easy to understand (I assume that you know nothing and teach with this in mind).

IT MEANS... You can literally go home and start implementing everything I teach on the day.

Brett McFall - 3 Step Secret

"And you know what? People seem to love what I'm teaching..."

Micheal HughesNew South Wales

I knew virtually nothing at first, but have learnt a ton. In my first 30-days I was able to make $11,643, with a recurring monthly income of around $800 per month.

I was a panel-beater and struggling musician who knew there had to be a better way. With the techniques I learned and applied, I regularly make as much as $10,000 in as little as 60-minutes online."

Steven Essa Queensland
Judi JaquesNew South Wales

As a 58 year old retired nurse, with virtually no internet experience, I didn't believe it was possible. But I now make between $9,000 and $29,000 per month with my own online business.

Greg Keenan Auckland, New Zealand

Just made my first sale! Exciting beginnings.

The $39 was made at 5am while I was sleeping. Hahahha, love it."

Graeme Marshall 

This is the most honest business training around."

Cassandra Rangip Queensland

Brett McFall’s 3-Step Secret is a clear step by step process on how to sell information online as a product from start to finish.

The best part of it is actually understanding the principles of outsourcing, automating and bringing in free traffic. I am so glad that I took the day off work to attend this event. I found this so valuable and enriching to my life.”

Eva Steinkamp Queensland

The number one thing I picked up from this seminar was that building an internet business doesn't seem to be as difficult as I always thought it was.

Brett explained that it can be done in three easy steps. The research of micro-niches was shown in real time on the internet. Go to this seminar with an open mind and stay till the end because you won' be disappointed."

Stacey Masters Queensland

You absolutely must attend. This is life changing.

Les Radnai
New South Wales

You owe it to yourself to at least take a look at what Brett McFall has to offer.

His strategies for making money are the simplest I've ever seen, and he literally gives away enough free information to get started immediately! Just do it!"

Jay Wickens

You absolutely need to attend this seminar! Go with an open mind, ready to absorb the amazing amount of opportunities that surround you. Brett will give you so much for FREE - it's just insane."

Lorraine Taylor 
New Wouth Wales

The 3-Step Secret event is a must if you want to earn extra money while you sleep and it’s so simple once you know how.

"Who is this event for?"

In short, you'll love this event if you fit into one of these categories:

  • You're tired of your job, and you just can't take it anymore. You're worried about the future and you've toyed with the idea of starting a business. But you know that to start a business takes a lot of money - money which you don't have!  So you're interested in what I'm doing online - it's just that you don't know HOW to do it
  • You're retired or getting ready to retire - and you can see that the lifestyle you once had will be very hard to maintain. You don't want to work till you're 75, so you believe that the internet may hold the opportunity for you to start your own business. But how?
  • You've never done anything online before but you'd LOVE to learn how to create a little side income to help pay the bills. You don't know where to go or how to do it. Besides that, you have family or friends that think it's all a scam, so you can't talk with them about your ideas. I know! It's exactly the situation I was in too when I started.
Tracey Smith 
New Wouth Wales

Totally awesome day. The team are so professional and make it so easy to understand. Looking forward to my new journey and I know you till too."

Laura Guacheta 

The first thing I picked up from the seminar was the amazing way to make money on internet and how easy Brett's explanation is. He opened my mind. So stop thinking everything is impossible and go for it. Start applying what you learn from Brett McFall, it really will change your life."

Jarrad De Kort

An easy 3 step secret I believe anyone could apply to create themselves a few extra $$ or if determined can create a very nice income. Well worth attending."

"What are you selling?"

I run these training days because I see it as my duty to pass on the valuable information and systems that I've developed since 2002.

I don't need anything from you. I don't want anything from you.

I may however help you so much that you want to get further coaching from me. But whether you do or don't, makes no difference to me. 

Should this be the case however, then it will be your free choice to do so.

No problem. No obligation. 

NO MATTER WHAT: You'll walk away with EVERY single question answered, and knowing EXACTLY how to go home and do what I do online.

This is the reason behind the incredible testimonials that you read on this page.

Brendan Vlok  

This seminar is well worth your time. As a result, a family member and myself are starting our own online business :-)

Rickey Pullen  

You will get something out of this, you will go home knowing you can make money."

Gary Fairweather  
New South Wales

It was my first time to a seminar. What I picked up is the ease of how you put your seminar across to a person like myself, 66-years of age, who has worked with his hands and retired looking for pocket money and likes thinks to be explained in a good and simple way. First class job!”

"To make it even more worth your while, you'll receive 2 gifts that I could easily sell for $297, but I want you to have them FREE."

I like to make sure that you have a great time when you attend. This is how I sleep well at night - knowing that I'm giving way more than I ever ask for.

So I'm going to give you 2 important gifts that will help you learn even more AFTER you go home.

By attending 3-Step Secret, you'll receive the 2 BONUS GIFTS below with my compliments:

  1. VIDEO: When you arrive at the event, you'll receive my own PRIVATE video training called “Internet ABCs”

    You'll discover how the internet works as a business tool and get tons of ideas. This way, your learning can keep going after you leave my training.

  2. You'll also receive my book that gives you the exact step by step system to start your own business, called “The Lightbulb Experience” 

    A 200-page book YOURS FREE as a welcome gift from me.
Brett McFall's 3-Step Secret - As Seen On TV
Brett McFall's 3-Step Secret - As Seen On TV
Jim Valavanis  

If you are looking at ways to make extra money passively month after month, then this is a seminar you can't miss, because once you do the initial work in setting it up by following Brett's 3 step formula the business should be 90% automated.

Vitolio Lauofo  
New South Wales

Why spend thousands of hours researching to start an online business when Brett McFall will teach you step by step!

Robert Jamgotchian  

If you're interested in an online business, I would recommend listening to Brett McFall as the system he teaches in highly automated and requires no in-depth knowledge of the internet.

Peter Kroesche  
New South Wales

Brett is brilliant at explaining the whole concept of an internet business. You still get all the excitement and enthusiasm but you’re not left with black holes of information necessary to your success.

So do yourself a favour, cancel the bbq; cancel the fishing trip; even call in a ‘sickie’ at work. Seriously attending one of Brett's events will open life changing possibilities for you.

Donna Drysdale  
New South Wales

If you are looking for a different income stream and a change in career then attending is a must do.

The only way to get ahead is to keep an open mind and be prepared to learn from others that have gone before us and know the way and Brett has outstanding results for that exact reason."

Andre Stein  
New South Wales

If you are sick of operating your work hamster wheel then you need to attend Brett McFall’s 3-Step Secret event.

It all makes sense. Listen and apply what you hear and enjoy the freedom it will bring. Don't blink, you'll miss it."

Judi Jaques, Queensland

Ben & Carla Partington, Queensland

Fay Gard, New South Wales

Liem Nguyen, Vietnam

Satyapria Pani Victoria

I am a new mum and I left my job last year. I cannot express my happiness today while writing to you Brett McFall. After all my hard work and your kind help I have finally made my first sale!

Andrew Redman Western Australia

I have put together a website and created a product. Now I am up and running and have made 5 sales already, plus growing my email list.

If you're thinking about how you can make money online, you need to get in front of Brett McFall and learn what he teaches. He'll save you time and money, and show you exactly how to set up a passive income.

Kathleen Ann New South Wales
Robert & Jill Brown New South Wales

I made my first sale! Yes my first dollar (23 1/2 of them actually)! Our qualified subscriber list is nearly up to 500 - we can only go on to success from here.

Where is 3-Step Secret being held?

Brett McFall's 3-Step Secret - As Seen On TV

9am till 6pm
Saturday October 22, 2016

LIVE in Sydney

Novotel Sydney Central

169 - 179 Thomas Street

Haymarket NSW 2000

BONUS: "Internet ABC's" Video
BONUS: "Lightbulb Experience" Book

Brett McFall - 3 Step Secret

Who is Brett McFall?

Australia’s ebook marketing expert

Until 2002 Brett worked at a soul-destroying $35,000-a-year office job. Determined to find a career where he could make a difference, Brett learned and mastered some innovative marketing strategies.

These profound marketing secrets enabled him to produce millions of dollars for himself, and the clients that hired him, in just a staggering 24 months.

Today he takes a holiday somewhere in the world every 8 weeks (whether he needs to or not ;-), while his companies turn over in excess of $1,000,000 a year on virtual auto-pilot, allowing him to live a life of total freedom.

On 15 separate occasions he’s assisted in helping complete beginners make up to $50,000 in just 72 hours, with every step witnessed by a LIVE 300-strong audience.

Brett McFall works hard at making online marketing easy, and regularly teaches thousands of people how to do what he does.

He's shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, and motivational guru, Jim Rohn.

His wealth of internet marketing knowledge has seen him featured on Australia’s highest rating current affairs TV program, “A Current Affair,” Channel 9 News, and as well as ABC radio.

Brett McFall's 3-Step Secret - As Seen On TV
Brett McFall's 3-Step Secret - As Seen On TV

So will you be joining us?

In a small up-close setting, I'll show you how I use my 3-Step Secret for creating micro-niche online businesses in as little as 30-days.

You can ask any question you want. And I'll show you LIVE demo's of everything I do.

If you too want to have a back-up plan for the massive changes that are coming your way, then the smartest thing you can do right now is look at what others are doing to bring in passive income.

And I'd suggest that this starts with looking at what I'm doing so you can make up your own mind as to whether you want to go in this direction too. 

I look forward to meeting you in person LIVE at 3-Step Secret.

P.S. Just in case you're like me and you scroll down to the bottom of websites to see what they're all about, then here are the major details: 

FIRSTLY, I'm holding a training day where I reveal what I'm doing to prepare for the threats ahead to the Australian economy and way of life.

SECONDLY, I have no idea what you'll do with the training. And I can't promise that you'll make money with my system. That's for you to work out.

What I am prepared to do is show you how I do what I do (creating simple little online businesses which make up to $18,611 per year).

THIRDLY, You can ask any question you like. I just ask you to come with an open mind. I'll happily teach you my system, and then you can do with it what you want.

P.S.S. Lastly, watch the video below only if you need extra assurance that I know what I'm doing. If Channel 9's "A Current Affair" program thought there was something special to what I was doing, shouldn't you check it out too?

PLEASE NOTE: While this event teaches you Brett's system for how he makes his money online, no promises are made as to how much income you could generate using these methods. The testimonials and results featured here are not typical and you are completely responsible for how you apply what you are taught.